Tunji Ige – Missed Calls (EP)

Missed Calls Cover


A while back, Tunji Ige–a young rapper straight out of Philadelphia–released the highly infectious and addicting, “On My Grind.” It’s quite a simple song really; armed with a playful beat reminiscent of the “cloud rap” internet craze of 2010, Tunji Ige effortlessly rides through the instrumentals while speaking of his trials of shepherding lames (“I can take yall muthafuckas to the water\tell me you gon’ drown or yall niggas gon drink”), and eating mahi. However, it’s through the hook where the song truly shines. As Tunji informs the world of the angel in his corner, the beats beings to strip down and accentuates his singing. After his bold proclamation (“did it all with faith, and watch the turn around”), the beat turns right back up and Tunji Ige barges into the chorus with authority, repeatedly singing “On my grind, young nigga on his grind.” It’s an anthem for young hustlers everywhere, while showing love to the people who support said hustlers.

Since “On My Grind,” Tunji Ige has been hard at work, but patience finally prevails with the released of Ige’s latest project, “Missed Calls.” I’ve already listened to it a couple of times, and can assure you that “On My Grind,” is just one of the many great tracks on the EP. You’re supposed to answer the phone when a real one calls, so be sure your default Apple ringtone is ready for Tunji Ige. Or you could be like me and have Curren$y as your ringtone, your choice.

Take a listen below, and be sure to support through iTunes


Favorite Tracks: “On My Grind” “Bring Yo Friends” “All Night”